Why Supplement?

Why a supplement is important

Due to today’s changing and fast paced lifestyle, many parents are struggling to balance the demands of daily living. Parents are therefore spending less time preparing and planning meals, which has a significant effect on the eating habits of their children – their diets may lack or be deficient in certain nutrients that are essential to growth and development.

Today’s modern mom is trying to juggle parenthood, a corporate career, relationships and much more. As a result of time constraints, it forces parents to opt for quick takeaways or ready-made meals in order to put a meal on the table. These foods are typically energy rich, but they often lack the micronutrients that are essential for a healthy balanced diet. While most parents try their best to make nutritious meals for their family, most children find the appeal of refined, fried, fast and junk food simply overwhelming.

A recent study carried out by the Medical Research Council found that less than 20% of teenagers took a packed lunch to school, while about 85% bought food from the school tuck shop. Furthermore, an alarming 17% of SA children aged 1-9 are obese.
Research has proven the importance of adequate intake of nutrients that may affect the growth and development of children. And with this in mind, BrainChildchildren’s supplements have been formulated to supplement and support your child’s daily diet.